Connecting photographers with publishers from around the world.

PHmuseum offers a service unlike any other on the market. The core focus is to allow photographers to share their stories and connect with publishers, giving undiscovered and award-winning photographers the chance to be published in some of the world's most prestigious online and offline magazines.

Curated editors from leading publishers are able to make offers directly to photographers, through the PHmuseum platform.

Creative in their approach to problem-solving, they consider all issues from the user’s viewpoint, making sure that any solutions result in a great user experience on the site. They’re also very inclusive, the team are very collaborative, discussing every possible solution with me.

Giuseppe Oliverio - Director, PH Museum

A bespoke solution and an easier user experience

Our brief was to completely re-design and build the existing photography social network with a new focus. Given a completely blank canvas, we were able to re-think the entire interface, giving new clarity to what was once a jagged experience.

Our focus was to make the transactions of offers between publishers and photographers easier and more effective. We built a system powered by Stripe, that allows photographers to accept payments from anyone in the world without ever having to leave the platform.

Opening up communication between members

We designed a beautiful experience that makes the whole process incredibly easy to manage, along with an internal messaging and notification system to enable discussion between members.

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